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Benefits of Drinkair Hydrogenated Water

How does Drinkair H2’Eau Hydrogen + work?

The water will be transformed by a membrane which will add “active” hydrogen molecules, thus generating electrical energy called “oxidoreduction potential” (ORP).

More concretely, they are water molecules with extra electrons available.

The impact of hydrogen water on your health

Today very popular in Asia, hydrogenated water has made a name for itself on the health market.

Designed in Japan and South Korea to fight against the effects of radiation and cancer, this technology is finally arriving in Europe, numerous clinical studies carried out in Japan prove its effectiveness.

What is oxidation?

The human body, during its life, will tend to oxidize. This oxidation is due to all the oxidants we consume. One of the most important sources of oxidation is, as its name suggests, oxygen.

Concretely, the oxidation of our body results in the creation of free radicals. The causes of the appearance of free radicals are numerous. For example: pollution, UV and ionizing radiation, inflammation or even smoking, alcoholism, stress and many others.

Why hydrogenate your water? 

Hydrogenated water is a powerful antioxidant.

12 years of research and over 900 studies have shown it reduces oxidative stress and inflammation. Thus, it reduces the oxidation of the body, which results in a slowing down of the aging of the cells of the body. It is in a way a water of youth.

As a selective antioxidant, hydrogen water has been shown to improve:

  • Mental clarity,
  • Prevents cognitive diseases,
  • Reduces oxidative stress and inflammation,
  • Improve focus,
  • Help with mental illnesses.

Promotes weight loss and improves endurance

Hydrogen water acts as a signal modulator, reduces lactic acid, increases metabolism and promotes weight loss.

It also allows you to train longer, more often, with less fatigue and stiffness.

Regenerative benefits, smoother skin

By neutralizing harmful free radicals and oxidative stress, which is the main cause of disease, hydrogen water has been proven to help regulate heart disease and diabetes, reduce wrinkles and skin problems, and accelerate wound healing.

Increased energy, more energy

Need extra energy?

Instead of looking for caffeine, try hydrogenated water!

Hydrogen water prompts your cells to produce more natural energy (ATP) and protects them from oxidative stress, which can damage cells and reduce energy levels.

Immune function, a whole new gut 

70% to 80% of the immune system is housed in your gut.

Stress, poor diet and pesticides weaken your gut to almost 20% of its functionality.

The redox potential (ORP) of the water produced by Drinkair H2 Water Hydrogen + repairs and restores the intestine and improves food intolerances.