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Bottled water polluted with microplastics, even those for children

Bottled water is polluted with microplastics, which means that the French who consume it also ingest plastic. A real health risk, especially for the youngest.

One of the main arguments of those who prefer bottled water over tap water is that of health. Bottled waters are supposed to be good for your health, which is highlighted in many advertisements.

But the reality is quite different : bottled water is polluted by microplastics…

Microplastics found in 7 out of 9 bottled waters tested

Microplastics are at the center of concerns for health and the environment: these are very small plastic particles that are suspended in water (but are also found elsewhere). Polluting, they could also be dangerous for health in the long term, although studies on the subject are still necessary. Nevertheless, drinking plastic does not seem like a good idea… It makes sense.

However, according to the study by the association Agir pour l’environnement published on July 21, 2022 and rightly called “We drink plastic! » … This is what the French are doing without realizing it. By opting for bottled water rather than tap water (which is very strictly controlled), we ingest microplastics. And beware: it is the waters of major brands that have been analyzed by the association… Including the most drunk bottled water in France: Cristalline.

La Vittel Kids: poor student of microplastics

Source: Consoglobe.com, Written by Paolo Garoscio , Jul 26 , 2022

Les eaux en bouteille polluées aux microplastiques, même celles pour enfants