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Evian, San Pellegrino… according to an American study, bottled water contains plastic particles

The water of many major brands around the world, including Evian and San Pellegrino, is contaminated with tiny plastic particles whose health hazards are still unknown. American researchers tested the water from more than 250 bottles in nine countries including Lebanon, India or the United States and found that 93% of the water samples were contaminated.

According to researcher Sherri Mason, this contamination is due to the plastic of the bottle, but also to its cap or to the industrial packaging process. Bottled water is not the only one concerned: tap water also contains traces of plastic caused by the microbeads present in our cosmetics, or by the fibers of our clothes evacuated during washing.

Video: https://www.bfmtv.com/sciences/evian-san-pellegrino-selon-une-etude-americaine-des-eaux-en-bouteille-contiennt-des-particules-de-plastique_VN-201803150115.html

Source: https://www.bfmtv.com/sciences/evian-san-pellegrino-selon-une-etude-americaine-des-eaux-en-bouteille-contiennt-des-particules-de-plastique_VN-201803150115.html