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Pollution : the Aisne prefecture restricts tap water in four municipalities

In Merlieux-et-Fouquerolles, Le Thuel , Versigny and Rogécourt, the presence of the pesticide exceeds a limit value set by the government. The consumption of mains water is no longer authorized there for drinking, preparing and cooking food and washing teeth.

The municipalities concerned will have no alternative but to provide their constituents, at least initially, with bottled water in cisterns or cans. – (File photo)

By Gael Rivallain

Journalist at Courrier Picard

The decision was expected. The authorities ended up ordering a restriction on water consumption in four towns totaling almost 1,000 inhabitants – Merlieux-et-Fouquerolles (Laonnois), Le Thuel (near Rozoy-sur-Serre), Versigny and Rogécourt ( near de La Fère) – due to the presence of chloridazone metabolites detected in tap water . In total, 39 municipalities in the department were placed under enhanced surveillance.

In these four municipalities, the analyzes revealed that the transitional health value of 3µ/L set by the government was exceeded for this pesticide used until 2020 for beet cultivation. In detail, the analyzes show average rates of 6.99 g/L in Merlieux and Fouquerolles, 4.51 g/L in Thuel , 3.38 g/L in Versigny and 3.20 g/L in Rogecourt. Consequently, the consumption of mains water is no longer authorized for drinking, preparing and cooking food, washing teeth. She will be able to continue for the washing of food, the toilet, the dishes (including baby bottles) and the linen.

Bottles and cisterns as an alternative

Concretely, the municipalities concerned will have no other alternative than to supply, at least initially, bottled water in cisterns or cans. ” The restrictions will only be lifted after three consecutive results below the threshold value of 3 g / L, or after the completion of work to regain the quality of drinking water “, specifies the prefecture.

If the department of Aisne is the most affected by this pesticide in water, it is not the only one in Picardy . In the Oise, four municipalities are also under the microscope. Mont-l’Évêque, Litz , La Rue-Saint-Pierre and La Neuville-en- Hez will have to connect to another network . And in the Somme, Brie and Mesnil-Bruntel (next to Péronne) escaped a water restrictions decision, by connecting to a nearby network .

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