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We Transform Air into Pure Water

Experience water like never before with our revolutionary Atmospheric Water Fountains, where sustainability meets elegance. These fountains redefine the way you hydrate, offering a unique and eco-friendly approach to water generation.

Unlike traditional water sources, our Atmospheric Water Dispensers harness the power of the air around us. Using advanced condensation technology, these fountains extract moisture from the atmosphere, transforming it into pure, clean drinking water. This innovative process ensures a continuous supply of water, making it an ideal solution for areas with limited access to traditional water sources.

The design of our Atmospheric Water Fountains is a blend of functionality and aesthetics. These fountains not only provide a sustainable water source but also serve as an elegant addition to any space. The sleek and modern design makes them perfect for homes, offices, or any environment where style and substance are valued.

Beyond the impressive water creation process, our fountains prioritize efficiency and ease of use. With user-friendly controls, you can customize water temperature and flow, ensuring that every sip is exactly as you prefer. The fountains also come equipped with advanced purification systems to guarantee the water produced is of the highest quality.

Make a conscious choice for sustainability and elevate your lifestyle with our Atmospheric Water Fountains. Join the movement towards eco-friendly hydration and experience the perfect blend of innovation and elegance. Upgrade to our premium range of fountains – where water creation meets contemporary design.

Our Atmospheric Water Fountains

Atmospheric Water Fountains

Atmospheric Water Fountain 30L /day


Atmospheric Water Fountains

Atmospheric Water Fountain – 60L /day

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Creating pure water, how does it work?

It is an extraordinary innovation that consists in recovering moisture from the ambient air to transform it into water of exceptional quality; without any chemical products, without chlorine, without traces of medication and consumable throughout the day. The operation is very simple, no more need for a water tank or connection to the drinking water network… The Drink Air water generator produces up to 20 litres of water every day. A new technology at the service of man and the planet that allows everyone to have access to clean water in any part of the world.

Air filtration and condensation

Optimal filtration

The recovered water passes through two carbon filters to remove all fine particles unfit for consumption and finally through a reverse osmosis filter to optimize water purification.

Customized mineralization

The pure water then passes through an interchangeable cartridge (various possibilities to choose from) which mineralizes it and gives it a neutral PH of 7.6 or 8.5 Alkaline.

Sterilization by U.V. lamp

U.V. sterilizers ensure perfectly healthy water, free of bacteria and germs. The water does not stagnate, it is regularly filtered and disinfected.