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Why use tap water instead of bottled water?

France is a big consumer of bottled water, a result of lobbying by brands that convinced the French that bottled water was better than tap water .

Why drink bottled water? Erica Ashleson , Flickr , CC BY

This is a public health issue linked to the presence of microplastics in water. They are mainly due to the degradation of larger plastic objects such as bottles.

Every week, we ingest the equivalent of a plastic credit card, mainly through the water we drink – tap and bottled – but also to a lesser extent through the food we eat, especially shellfish, or even fish. air we breathe (this is an average estimated worldwide and not just in France).

Reducing or even eliminating the use of plastic, in particular by no longer consuming bottled water, would reduce the presence of microplastics in the oceans .

In addition, some highly mineralized bottled waters are to be consumed occasionally and their daily use is not recommended .

To neutralize the potentially unpleasant taste of tap water due to chlorine, which in no way affects its sanitary quality, a very simple solution is to let it breathe by leaving it in the fridge for the hours preceding its consumption. .

Finally, the consumption of bottled water for drinking (i.e. 1.5 liters per day and per person) is at least 100 times more expensive than that of tap water .

Source: https://theconversation.com/dou-vient-leau-du-robinet-comment-sa-qualite-est-elle-assuree-187493